Australian native ingredients recipes

Go local with these recipes that showcase the unique richness and diversity of Australian native ingredients.

Blood lime and chilli mud crab
Some of the most distinctive and surprising flavours can be found within our own flora. Not to mention the vibrant colours and textures of native Australian ingredients, including finger lime, saltbush, wattleseed, pepperberry, lemon myrtle and macadamia.
These recipes celebrate the flavours of Australia, with native Australian ingredients as the heroes. While First Nations communities have used these Indigenous ingredients for tens of thousands of years, it's only in recent years that using native Australian ingredients has become popular in restaurants around the country - so much so, in fact, that some native ingredients are more easily sourced and used in home cooking.
From blood lime and chilli mud crab and roasted lemon myrtle-stuffed pork racks to Davidson's plum cocktails and sticky date puddings with cinnamon myrtle and macadamia brittle, here are our best recipes that hero native Australian ingredients.