Eggplant recipes

From pasta to parmigiana, salads to stir-fries, eggplant is an all-rounder that deserves a regular spot on your table.

Luckily for us, eggplants have a long season in Australia so there are plenty of opportunities to work it into your culinary repertoire. Unleash its smoky, earthy flavours in a charred eggplant dip (we have three variations), or in our take on the Japanese nasu dengaku, with mizo-glazed eggplant, shoyu dressing and toasted nori.
For longer cook times, the Sichuan eggplant braise will have your lips tingling with lingering spice, while the impossibly soft eggplant parmigiana looks impressive, and tastes just so. Need a quick fix for your eggplant recipe cravings? We recommend the eggplant stir-fry with tamarind, or the quick okra, eggplant and turmeric stew. Come picnic season, we make a bee-line for Danielle Alvarez's summer vegetable tian (featuring eggplant, of course).