What to do with quince, the mysterious fruit of winter

Don't: eat it raw. Do: slow-cook it in these sweet and savoury recipes.

Is quince the most mysterious fruit of autumn? Technically, the yellow bulbous fruit can be eaten raw – it just won't be a very pleasant experience. To get the most of this autumnal fruit, slow-poach with spices and spoon it on top of honey panna cotta, or do as Sydney restaurant Icebergs do, and simmer it in chardonnay vinegar. Quince is equally delicious baked into tarts (the quince, rooibos and coriander seed tarts are a favourite), and you can't beat Peter Gilmore's recipe for quince, pecan and crème caramel trifle.
Don't limit yourself to the sweet options. Quince works well in savoury dishes, like in braised duck with quince and olives, or roasted with pork belly.