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A space that channels Tokyo's jumble of cheap grills and thrills, with a dash of Korea and kitsch.
17 Leigh St, Adelaide, SA


Under Tokyo’s railways there is a jumble of cheap grills and thrills. Tiny bars and festoon lights inhabit the night time, with flashes of neon and snatches of music. Shōbōsho channels some of that energy, with a dash of Korea and kitsch. Smoke from the yakitori bar at the front lures people to the little shopfront, where they jostle whiskey and fine wine glasses and order tasty snacks on sticks. Inside, there’s blond wood and backlighting. The most Zen spots are the sidelining booths, for chaotic fun pick the stools at the bar. The main menu is full of all things grilled, smoked, raw and fermented – heavy on umami. Standout dumplings earn their place alongside local Smoky Bay oysters, fire-roasted leek, and of course, wagyu. Chefs call to each other, staff are happy to chat, and no one minds if you pop in for a drink or hang about for a lazy dégustation. The only hassle is trying to decide whether to go here, or sister restaurant ShoSho.



17 Leigh St, Adelaide, SA

(08) 8366 2224

Chef Adam Liston

Price guide $$

Bookings Recommended

Wheelchair access Yes

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Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide 2022

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17 Leigh St, Adelaide, SA
Adam Liston
Price Guide
Wheelchair Access

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