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Spicy yet sweet, ginger lends itself to cakes as well as it does marinades and slow-cooked curries in this recipe collection.
Mandarin and ginger syrup cake - ginger recipes

The unique aromatic blend of spice and heat that ginger offers makes it a brilliant ingredient for both savoury and sweet dishes. This wonder root plant can work so effortlessly with snapper, quail and steak, as well as mandarin and pear. Can’t get enough? Here are 20 recipes that showcase ginger.

Carrots with garlic, ginger, spring onion and smoked chilli butter

Red curry of beef with green peppercorns, wild ginger and holy basil

Ginger and pear cake

Spiced ginger oat biscuits for dunking

Turmeric and ginger chicken fillo pie

Soy pork and ginger meatballs with hoisin greens and rice

Peach and ginger chutney

Flat iron steak with red wine and ginger sauce and crushed potatoes

Mandarin and ginger syrup cake - ginger recipes

Mandarin and ginger syrup cake

Ginger and coconut crab

Chicken and ginger hotpot

La mian with pipis and ginger

Ginger twist with quince and spiced custard

Persimmon, pistachio and ginger crumble tarts

Ginger waffles with matcha ice-cream

Korean-style barbecued skirt steak ssäm with ginger and spring onion sauce

Ricky and Pinky’s steamed snapper with coriander and ginger

Crisp oolong-smoked quail with mandarin-ginger dipping sauce

Hoisin pork spareribs with ginger-bruised cucumber

Chinese roast duck with ginger and shiitake rice

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