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Silken tofu in a dashi broth with mushrooms and broccolini

Build a rich and nourishing broth with minimum fuss thanks to the power of dashi.
Silken tofu in a dashi broth with mushrooms and broccoliniChris Chen

Dashi is one of the staple preparations in Japanese cooking and makes a wonderful base for soups. Here, its savouriness boosts a chicken stock to build a richer flavour with minimum fuss.



1.Bring bonito flakes and 500ml water to a simmer in a saucepan, then remove from heat, and stand to infuse for 5-6 minutes. Strain, pressing all liquid out of bonito flakes, then return liquid to pan. Add chicken stock, bring to a simmer, add ginger juice, soy sauce and sake and season to taste. Add broccolini and simmer for 2 minutes, then add mushrooms and simmer until broccolini and mushrooms are tender (1 minute).
2.Divide tofu among serving bowls, add a few drops of sesame oil, ladle in soup and vegetables, scatter with spring onion and serve.

Bonito flakes are available from Asian grocers. Substitute 1½ tsp dashi powder, available from select supermarkets. Silken egg tofu is available from select supermarkets and Asian grocers.

Drink Suggestion: A small ochoko (sake cup) of earthy yamahai sake.

Drink suggestion by Max Allen


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