Miso recipes that we keep coming back to

Sure, the Japanese soy bean paste packs an umami punch, but it also works wonders in desserts.

Matcha noodles with miso broth and soft egg
Miso, the Japanese paste of fermented soy beans, packs an umami punch. It adds an extra-savoury dimension to soups, marinades and salad dressings, and once you've tried miso butter, you'll never look back – see Peter Gilmore's recipe for grilled shiitake mushrooms with umami butter, or the snapper with broccolini and nori-miso butter. And don't just limit miso to mains. It works wonders in desserts too, adding a pleasing salty counterpoint to sweets. Our pick? The peanut and miso shortbread bars by Lemonpi (aka Yu-ching Lee).