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Best pancake recipes of the sweet and savoury kind

Sweet or savoury? Breakfast, lunch or dessert? Take your pick of pancake recipe with these sensational stacks.
Best pancake recipes - Japanese souffle pancakes recipe

Japanese soufflé pancakes

Ben Dearnley (main)

Sweet or savoury? Breakfast, lunch or dessert? Pancakes are as versatile as they come.

For those more inclined to traditional homemade pancakes for the ultimate weekend breakfast treat, where the success really comes down to the pancake batter of wet ingredients (milk, melted butter, eggs) and dry ingredients (all-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar), we have ample recipes for fluffy pancakes.

But if you prefer savoury over sweet, you’ll want to try our recipes for okonomiyaki, banh xeo and kimchi noodle pancakes.

Here are our best pancake recipes of the sweet and savoury kind.

Photo: Chris Court

Chocolate, tahini and pear pancakes

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Syrian filled pancakes with pistachio cream

Photo: Mikkel Vang

Chocolate hotcakes with fudge sauce

Photo: Ben Dearley

Ricotta hotcakes with apple and honey

Photo: Andrew Finlayson

Rocker’s buckwheat pancakes with strawberries

Photo: John Paul Urizar

How to make okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake)

Photo: Chris Court

Sour cream pancakes with Suzette sauce

Photo: Ben Hansen

Eun Hee An’s spring onion pancakes with jamón

Photo: Alicia Taylor

Mango pancakes with vanilla syrup

Photo: Chris Court

Curtis Stone’s Dutch baby with lemon butter and clotted cream

Photo: Will Horner

The essential guide to making fluffy pancakes

Photo: Chris Court

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with sticky soy pork belly

Photo: John Paul Urizar

Dutch baby with honey-limoncello syrup

Photo: John Paul Urizar

German pancake recipe with lemon and sugar

Photo: Chris Court

Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) with prawns and pickled carrot

Photo: Chris Court

Puffed pancake with honey-malt ice-cream and bananas

Photo: William Meppem

Thick ricotta pancake with roast rhubarb

Photo: William Meppem

Bodega’s buttermilk pancakes with bacalao, egg and smoked maple butter

Photo: William Meppem

Kimchi noodle pancakes

Photo: Chris Court

Buckwheat pikelets with bacon and maple butter

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Japanese soufflé pancakes with genmaicha sugar

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