Fresh and vibrant chicken salad recipes

You can make friends with these chicken salads.

Aunty Three's Saigon chicken and cabbage salad with quail eggs
A chicken salad recipe can be many things. Be it chicken that's barbecued, roasted or poached, and tossed with leaves, grains or noodles, these chicken salads will work wonders for your next meal.
Pick up a rotisserie chicken for lightning-fast meals, throw it together with leftover roast veg or leafy greens, add a crack of black pepper and fresh herbs and then store your easy chicken salad recipe in an airtight container for tomorrow's lunch. Or poach chicken breasts and toss through a vibrant green soba noodle salad and finish off with lemon juice and miso dressing and cracked black pepper. Either way, our colourful chicken salad recipes pack a punch.
Here are our best chicken salad recipes to turn to.