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Fast Chinese recipes

Whether you're after a quick mid-week meal or a showstopper dish for Chinese New Year, you'll find these recipes will pack a flavour punch.
Kung Pao chicken

It’s easy to see why the humble Chinese stir-fry is a mid-week favourite – it’s quick, easy and full of bold flavours. By simply taking a visit to your local Asian grocer and adding a few more staples to your pantry, you can take your home-cooked Chinese to the next level. In this collection of fast-and-furious recipes, we have the likes of kung pao chicken, ma po beancurd, XO pipis with Chinese broccoli and plenty more fire and crunch on offer.

Sichuan-style boiled beef with rice

Chinese-style stir-fried pork and beans

Kung pao chicken

Chow mein noodles with tofu, Chinese bacon and ginger

Shaanxi-style lamb with rice

Minced pork noodles

Rice noodles with snow pea sprouts and prawns

Drunken chicken with Shandong ramen noodles

Pork wonton soup

Hunanese soup noodles

Hoisin pork spareribs with ginger-bruised cucumber

Chinese roast duck with brown rice, peas and cucumber

XO pipis with Chinese broccoli

Chinese celery and pork soup with cellophane noodles

Chinese chicken with soupy rice, ginger and spring onion dressing

Chinese roast duck with ginger and shiitake rice

Stir-fried chicken and Chinese mushrooms

Ma po beancurd

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