38 indulgent coconut dessert recipes

Go nuts for these coconut desserts.

Lime and coconut cake with pineapple glaze
If one fruit can conjure up dreams of island vacations spent by the pool and sipping Piña Coladas, it's the coconut. With its hardy exterior, sweet flesh and all-round tropical allure, coconut adds a luscious touch to dessert recipes.
Our best coconut dessert recipes range from cool icy treats to textural delights thanks loaded with shredded coconut and coconut flakes. Whether you prefer your coconut mixed through a creamy black rice pudding with caramelized bananas or served in a rum savarin with coconut cream and pineapple, you'll go nuts for these coconut desserts.
The classic combination of coconut and chocolate shines in our chocolate coconut slab, lamington chocolate cake and coconut chocolate meringue pie recipes. Looking for summer-ready desserts? Then make Jaclyn Koludrovic's dairy-free macadamia parfait with pineapple, ginger and finger lime elevated by a subtly sweet coconut flavour, or Louis Tikaram's mango pudding with lime tapioca and creamy coconut ice-cream.
Ready to pretend you're on holiday? Look to these best coconut dessert recipes.