The fried chicken recipes you've been craving

There's no health tick of approval here, but these recipes check all the boxes for crisp and crunch. Beware the fiery Nashville hot chicken number by Sean Brock.

Fried chicken wings with blue-cheese sauce
Nothing spells a finger-licking good time more than a mound of fried chicken. And no-one does fried chicken like the folks from the southern states of America. Hit the recipe for southern fried chicken with a smoky maple caramel sauce, or chef Sean Brock's fiery Nashville hot chicken. "[It's] a total out-of-body experience for a few minutes if you go for the hottest they make," he says.
If you're onboard the chilli train, choo-choo to the twice-fried Korean chicken recipe, or Dan Hong's delicious Korean fried chicken burger. And there's still plenty of crisp and crunch to be had with Dan Pepperell's fried chicken alla diavola, and Porteño's smoked chicken wings.