Pretty-in-pink rhubarb recipes

With gentle cooking, the purple-pink plant becomes lusciously soft and fragrant. Don't just limit rhubarb to desserts – it has a place in savoury dishes, too.

Rhubarb galette
With gentle cooking, raw and stringy rhubarb becomes lusciously soft and fragrant. It's best friends with orange, brown sugar and spices – simmer it down and spoon it on top of rice puddings, pancakes and waffles (Cornersmith's recipe will brighten up your weekend breafasts). Baked into tarts, it's a dream. Just see The Summertown Aristologist's rhubarb spelt tart, or the famous rhubarb and chamomile tart by The Agrarian Kitchen. And rhubarb works well in savoury recipes too, as per O Tama Carey's recipe for a sweet and spicy rhubarb achcharu.