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~ The top 50 restaurants in Australia for 2020

The best of the best on Australia's dining scene.
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This list of the best restaurants in Australia is all you will need to ensure you enjoy countless dining experiences throughout 2020. Our team of reviewers spend months crisscrossing the country, knife and fork in hand, kicking the tyres of old favourites, putting new players through their paces and generally taking stock of the nation’s dining scene to compile this comprehensive run-down for your eating pleasure. They visit unannounced and pay their way so you can feel confident every restaurant featured here should offer a winning experience.

1. Attica, Vic

2. Momofuku Seiobo, NSW

3. Quay, NSW

4. Orana, SA

5. Brae, Vic

6. Cutler & Co, Vic

7. Laura, Vic

8. Dinner By Heston Blumenthal, Vic

9. Bentley Restaurant & Bar, NSW

10. Magill Estate Restaurant, SA

Momofuku Seiobo

Momofuku Seiobo.

11. Vue de Monde, Vic

12. Bennelong, NSW

13. Sixpenny, NSW

14. Rockpool Bar & Grill, NSW

15. Restaurant Hubert, NSW

16. Igni, Vic

17. Ester, NSW

18. Flower Drum, Vic

19. Minamishima, Vic

20. Fred’s, NSW


21. Fleet, NSW

22. Di Stasio Città, Vic

23. Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, NSW

24. Automata, NSW

25. Cirrus, NSW

26. Firedoor, NSW

27. Arc Dining, Qld

28. Sean’s, NSW

29. LuMi, NSW

30. Lake House, Vic

Bert's Sydney


31. Kazuki’s, Vic

32. Bert’s, NSW

33. Florentino, Vic

34. Est, NSW

35. Tetsuya’s, NSW

36. Provenance,Vic

37. Aria, NSW

38. Africola, SA

39. Fico, Tas

40. Botanic Gardens Restaurant, SA

The signature confit trout at Testuya's

The signature confit trout at Testuya’s.

41. Oakridge, Vic

42. Saint Peter, NSW

43. Wasabi, Qld

44. Franklin, Tas

45. Alberto’s Lounge, NSW

46. Monopole, NSW

47. Embla, Vic

48. Gerard’s Bistro, Qld

49. Supernormal, Vic

50. Gauge, Qld

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