Cauliflower recipes

From cocktail hour through to main event, cauliflower steals the show with its nutty flavours that pair perfectly with cheese, sage, onion and more.

There's a big wide world out there beyond the classic cauliflower cheese. Fry florets until they're crisp and use them to top everything from dhal to soup. Or you could simply serve them hot and lightly spiced as a bar snack.
Cauliflower works well alongside richer flavours such as Gorgonzola, anchovy and bacon – put it to use in pasta bakes, fritters and more. We also like it as a side, either puréed or transformed into rice. Then there are the endless salads, pilafs and tray bakes that make the most of roasted cauliflower's intensely nutty flavour. If you weren't a fan of cauliflower yet, you soon will be.