The most popular recipes of winter

What you clicked and what you cooked this season.

Pea and ham soup
All hail the pea and ham soup. There's something about that marriage of pea and pig that makes it the most-wanted winter recipe for Gourmet Traveller readers and cooks. Our version featured a double dose of peas in fresh and dried form, turning the soup a vibrant green hue.
Winter means plenty of inside hibernation, and with it, time – luxurious time! – to spend in the kitchen. That likely explains why our how-to guides on making fresh pasta and meat pies from scratch rounded out the top three positions.
Soups – be it spiced chicken, French onion or cauliflower – took out five spots list, while puddings clinched three. And be it sweet or savoury, during the cold months, a little bit of spice is nice – just see Bar Altos' mussels with chilli and white wine, Tony Tan's beef rendang, and those nostalgia-inducing golden syrup dumplings with ginger.