Fresh zucchini recipes for spring

And not a zoodle in sight.

Salted ricotta tart with zucchini and black garlic
There's more to the humble green veg than zucchini noodles. Zucchini is a spring vegetable that we love to cook with thanks to its vibrancy and versatility. And our collection of zucchini recipe ideas goes above and beyond the classics.
Whether you prefer baked zucchini in a tart, shaved and tossed through pasta, or served as a quick, easy, and simple side dish alongside a roast or main dish, the springtime vegetable always delivers. We have recipes for roasted zucchini in fresh salads of summer vegetables, grilled alongside lamb chops, baked into a tart or galette with goat's cheese, and shredded zucchini in hobak jeon (Korean zucchini and mussel pancake). And if you're lucky enough to come across zucchini flowers, stuff them and serve them in these spring-ready recipes. Really, what can't zucchini do?
These are our best zucchini recipes for the season.